We extremely glad see, dear visitor, moderated information portal. We presented most interest materials.
We you can find news of cities such as Kaliningrad, mound, Obninsk, Orenburg, Ekaterinburg, Bryansk, Lipetsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
Each user internet absolutely free can post press releases, surveys and news in our catalog. In this published article should mandatory have something Helpful and cognitive for readers.
Placed on our site publications and press releases tested moderation. Our moderator can deny you publication , if published article:
   has a size less 1100 symbol;
   needs revision;
   not written in Russian language;
   deprived any sense;
   contains excessively a large number of grammatical error;
   is disconnected set proposals;
   contradicts laws Russian Federation;
   has explicit advertising character;
   contains bad text;
   unreadable, i.e. not written for people;
   contains threats;
We hope to, on our site you find for yourself something Helpful and become permanent reader our site.

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